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 PiXeL Gaming Constitution

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PostSubject: PiXeL Gaming Constitution   PiXeL Gaming Constitution Icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 3:30 am

This page describes the Clan’s constitution, puts down fundamental rules and explains the responsibilities of its members.


A collection of members who play casual and competitive Call of Duty Series. It hopes to provide a friendly environment for the membership to play in, and provides opportunity for the development of player members.

Code of Conduct:

To participate in all team activities in a friendly manner, with a focus on good sportsmanship.
No discrimination in terms of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion or physical disability.
No hacking or cheating of any form.
All members must be at least 18 years of age.
No raging or rage quitting during official matches.
No divulging of clan details such as passwords. The sharing of log-in or user account details is strictly forbidden.
Player are not able to play for another clan/team, if the Clan is also playing in the same tournament. Although membership of other teams/clan is not prohibited, it is expected that Clan Members will be “up front” and truthful about such memberships. Discussion with the Clan Leaders will be required to ensure that no “conflict of interest” exists.
Failure to observe these rules will result in exclusion from the Clan.

There now follows a description of member status and position’s that can be held in the Clan/team:

Clan Leaders

Ideally there should be three Clan Leaders, allowing majority decisions to be made. There may be times when only two Clan leaders are appointed, i.e. when membership numbers are low, or the Clan is going through transition/change. Clan leaders are appointed or deselected by nomination by a Member, and a majority vote of the Members who have Full Clan membership.

Clan leaders are responsible for the overall welfare of the Clan and it’s conduct/day-to-day activities. Once selected, a Clan Leader can make executive decisions and rulings regarding Clan activity, discipline (conduct of players – see above and below), involvement in matches/ladders/tournaments, and any other operational matter about the Clan. A Clan Leader is expected to consult with Clan Members and other Clan Leaders before making decisions. The Clan Leadership can be made accountable to the Clan Membership for their actions and decisions, by a Full Clan Member asking for a vote to called about any particular issue. This would result in the whole Clan being balloted and a majority decision being final.

Full Clan [PiXL] Member

Full Members are people who have agreed to uphold the Clan’s code of conduct, and are wishing to play under the Clan’s name and tag [PiXL]. Full Membership entities an individual to one vote when the Clan Membership is balloted. Full membership assumes that players are able to meet practice and match availability criteria, as set out by the Clan Leader responsible for game play and tournament participation. If a Member is unable to meet this criteria, they will be considered “inactive”, and they will be unable to participate in official matches and competition. Members may temporarily select to go “inactive”, if personal circumstances arise and a sabbatical from competitive play is necessary (i.e. holiday, exams, work pressures, personal issue, etc).

Affliate Member

These are individuals who want to be associated with the Clan, but do not want to be involved in playing for the clan. They’ll be given restricted access to the clan forums, and will not be able to vote in Clan decisions.

Officer Status

To assist the Clan Leadership with the day-to-day running of the Clan, it may be beneficial to give certain tasks or areas of authority to Full Clan Members. Examples of Officer Status include Clan Administrator/Secretary, Clan Treasurer (full clan vote required), Team Leader (if Clan Membership is high and multiple teams are playing), Clan Webmaster/Designer, etc. Officer Status may also be given to a group of full clan members, if circumstances requires it. Officer Status can be granted and removed by the voting of the Clan Leadership in consultation with the the whole Full Clan Membership.


Entry into the Clan is by invitation only. Any prospective player who shows an interest in playing for the Clan, should be directed to the Clan Leader or Officer who is responsible for recruitment. It will be usual that a “trial” or “try out” will be arranged, where the prospective player will be invited to join and participate in practice, scrims and public games. This will allow the Clan and the prospective player the opportunity to assess skill levels and personality compatibility. If everything runs positively, then the Clan Leadership will vote on the application. There may be occasions when a probation period is placed upon the new arrival, which will be reviewed after a set amount of time (this may be the case where old members are rejoining or some doubt exists over the suitability of the new member). Affliate members will not require a trial.

Resignation/Voluntary Leaving the Clan

Members are requested that they inform the Clan Leadership if they intend to leave the Clan. Early discussion of issues with the Clan Leadership/Membership, or a consideration of inactive status, may help prevent the member from leaving.

Discipline/Clan Membership Exclusion

Where issues arise with a Clan Member or Members, particularly relating to the Clan’s Code of Conduct (see above), it may be necessary for action to be taken. In such cases, a Clan Leader may suspend a Clan Members involvement with the Clan, and take action to ensure the Clan’s safety and well-being. It is likely that this will involve the removal of access to the Clan’s Forums, and also the ability to affected Clan Member(s) to participate in official matches/tournaments. Where possible, the affected individual(s) will be of the informed of the action taken and the reasons for the action.

There will then following a Clan Leader discussion, where the issue and associated proof will be presented. Any relevant Clan Member or Members will be given to the opportunity to offer explanation or dispute any related issues. A decision will then be made by the Clan Leadership, which will comprise of their assessment of the matter/conduct and detail of any punitive measure arising (e.g. warning, clan membership suspension/exclusion, etc). Any affected Clan Member will be given the opportunity to appeal to such decisions, at a meeting of the full Clan membership.

Discipline matters relating to a Clan Leader will be ruled upon by a meeting/ballot of the Full Clan membership. In cases involving the entire Clan Leadership, a Full Clan Member/Clan Founder may be asked to act as chairperson/arbiter of the discipline meeting. Punitive measure may include warning, deselection as a Clan Leader or clan membership suspension/exclusion.


Any Member who has a grievance relating to another members of the Clan should in the first instance inform a Clan Leader. From then on, the matter will be handled using the discipline procedure given above.

Team Selection

Selection of Members to play in official matches and tournaments will be made by the Clan Leader or Comp Team Leaders responsible for game play and tournament participation. Selection will be made on the criteria of skill level, participation in practice and ability to operate as a team member.

Development of Members Playing Ability

Clan Membership carries the responsibility of assisting the fellow Clan Members with developing or improving their game. This may involve offering mentoring, offering map tactics/walk-through or organising/delivering training sessions. All Clan Members may be asked to become involved with this activity, for the benefit of the whole Clan.

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PiXeL Gaming Constitution
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